Notes From the Early Days

how to bathe 3 babies

(how to bathe 3 babies)

Here is a note I scribbled on a scrap of paper in April 2013, when the twins were 6 months old and R was 3 years old.

There’s a pantiliner on the floor. A half-eaten binky on the dog bed. I found silverware outside. My kids haven’t been bathed in a week. G has old blood in his ear and 4-day-old spit-up from his twin in his hair. E has dog hair stuck between his toes, in his toe cheese. I yelled at R. I lost a part of the breastpump.I look like a zombie. My salad went bad. My dinner plans, um, fell through. I had to choose between making dinner or bathing the kids in the the 30 minutes I had with my husband. And my floors… oh my goodness, my floors.

Handwriting courtesy of baby-induced tendonitis.


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