The Questions My 3-Year-Old Asked During One Lunch

r roar
In the span of about 10 minutes (the time it took me to eat my sandwich), here are all the questions R asked me, in order:

Is this fan dirty?
Is that fan dirty?
We have to buy a new one fan?
What’s that noise?
Is UPS man coming our house?
He brings mail? He brings presents?
Alex  come our house?
Alex baby come out ‘nother day?
You eating sandwich?
What’s that noise?
Is ketchup spicy?
I drink pickle juice?
I drink pineapple juice?
What’s that noise?
That truck go somebody else’s house?
Is  that button?
Is that blanket dirty?
Who gave you that? You bought it Lowe’s? You bought it Wegman’s?
You write my name please?
We buy a kite? We buy a pool R’s house? We buy pool in truck?
You wanna go outside? When babies wake up?
I go outside?
You wipe my hands?
You wanna watch video?
E crying? G crying? You go get ’em please?
I go outside?
What’s that noise?

And that wasn’t even all of them… just the ones I could write down.


2 thoughts on “The Questions My 3-Year-Old Asked During One Lunch

  1. Next time he asks, “What’s that noise?” you MUST answer, “Aw Mom, you’re just jealous. . .” (you know how it ends). 😉


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