What Happens When You Start Blogging

So, I guess blogging is like having a reality show: you are supposed to pretend the audience and cameras aren’t there, right? Like a Teen Mom who was struggling to repair her crappy car in the first season, but in the second season she has a brand new Jeep?  Except we aren’t supposed to know that she knows that she is famous now.

So I am supposed to pretend that I don’t notice that I have 199 followers now and almost 5000 views in the space of just two weeks? Well, screw that, I noticed. I started this blog for my kids. I have a bad memory, and something about twins and sleep deprivation compounds that problem. (Go figure.) I knew a couple people who were interested in reading what I had to say. Then WordPress hand-picked one of my blog posts to be featured on their Freshly Pressed homepage. They even sent me a non-form email about why they picked me! It was flattering.

The next day, my blog had blown up. Well, I don’t really know what a blog is supposed to do, because mine is the first one that I have read. But it seemed to me that going from 17 views a day to 741 views a day was a big deal.

I feel like a band who had a good first record and now has all this pressure to create an amazing “Sophomore Album”. Talk about writer’s block.

Ok, ok, it’s not writer’s block. I have plenty to say. The problem is that I think a lot harder about what to share about my kids when I have 199 followers and lots of strangers wandering in and out of my virtual life. My oldest son is just three years old. For every single thing I post, I have to ask myself if this will be okay for him at 13 years old, or 23 years old. I want to tell my story about being a mom, without compromising my sons’ stories. Their stories belong to them.

Why, then, would I even blog about my children if this is a problem? I guess I have discovered the reason people blog at all. It’s because knowing that so many people are out there, ready to read whatever drivel pours out of my head when they get an email notification that something poured out of my head, is a serious motivational push to keep writing. Yes, I am writing for my kids to read in the future… but who would ensure that it gets written in this Okayest Mom life? You. You would. If I know you are out there, waiting, and telling me that I have something worthwhile to say and a good style in which to say it, then maybe my thoughts will actually get recorded.

In other words, thanks. Thanks for pushing me to ignore my laundry and my floors and giving me a reason to record some dang family history for my kids before I forget it.


6 thoughts on “What Happens When You Start Blogging

  1. You and I have the same problem but in reverse. My kids are all grown, 22, 22, 26, 28 and 30 and I worry about telling their stories along with mine. I write anonymously because I don’t feel like I can share “our” stories without their permission and I don’t want to ask their permission before each and every post I write, but I do share lots of pictures, so if someone who knows me and/or my kids stumbles on my blog we will be recognized! At least your blog posts are from fresh memories. Many of mine are old and may not be as factual as they would be if I’d written them years ago. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading 😀


  2. My goodness! That is so exciting for you! I got dizzy headed last week when I hit a high of 78 views (just three weeks in) and the CRASH! Down she goes. It must be incredibly exciting to have that kind of audience, but I totally understand about becoming more protective over what you share. Best of luck to you, I wish you great success and love reading your stories.


  3. I got fresh pressed about three weeks into my blogging experience. I think they like to toss a bone to us newbs, if they can, to get us hooked. 😉 I got 500 views and 100 followers from my FP two months ago and then 9000 views off a Reddit post last month but just 18 views yesterday even though I posted the day before. Welcome to the wonderful world of being addicted to your numbers and vain about it. Here’s my piece about the FP: http://lifeandotherthings.org/2013/08/04/post-pressed-depression/.


  4. I know what you mean!! When I was FP’d I became obsessed. It’s been long enough now that I am back to my normal page views, and just as happy with that, I guess. 🙂


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