Is It Just Me, or Does Every Two-Year-Old Have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

duck blanketGoodnight, baby. I love you.

Goodnight, other baby. I love you.

What’s that? Your blanket is wrong? Let me help me help you. Is that better? Now you’re all cozy and tucked in just right.

Oh, it’s still wrong? What about your feet? Oh, your toe is out. There. I covered your little toesie. All better. I love you!

What? No, your blanket is fine. Ducks? What? Oh, I see. The teddy bear side is facing up, but you want the duck side to face up. Okay. I will turn it over. There. Perfect! Close your little eyes, you sleepy head!

No, your blanket is not wrong. I fixed it. See, the ducks are facing up! How? Oh, you want the blanket to cover your doggy too. Oh, not that doggy. Where is your other doggy? Hold on, I will go find it.

There. There’s your big doggy. Wrong way? Oh, here, let me turn it around. There, his head is by your head and the blanket is covering him. Okay?

What now? Your “tebby bear” fell down? Well, pick him up! I guess if you move your arm that would mess up the duck blanket covering the doggy. Okay, there, the tebby bear is propped in the corner again. No, I promise he won’t fall over. He will sit there in the corner. Yes, he’s sitting. See? Good NIGHT!

Stop crying! What is it now? Your crocodile is right there. He’s fine. Oh, I forgot, he has to wrap around the top of your head like a turban. There. Turban crocodile. GO TO SLEEP.

You HAVE your lovey. It’s under your face. And other lovey too. Yes, it’s under your belly. You HAVE BOTH LOVIES.


Doze? Hose? Nose? What’s about your nose? What does that mean? Oh, there, I will wipe it with a tissue.


Who pooped?


5 thoughts on “Is It Just Me, or Does Every Two-Year-Old Have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

  1. Oh the comfort of the familiar. I always sleep better in my own old bed, with my blankets and my nightstand. Sounds like this little one has is place in the world well figured out. Nice job mom.

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