Kindergarten These Days. Sheesh.

Much has changed since I left teaching ten years ago. Now my oldest son is in kindergarten and I have switched teams.

No nap? Yeah, I knew that.

No snack? No, definitely didn’t know that. Not cool.

Online lunch money payments? Holy crap, is this “The Jetsons”?! The future rocks!

Fifteen minute recess? Not acceptable at all. The future can kiss my a$$.

Homework?! That’s hilarious.

No peanut butter sandwiches? Whoops.

Snow days? I want to stab myself with a fork.


5 thoughts on “Kindergarten These Days. Sheesh.

  1. What the heck? No snack allowed? Even Z., in first grade, is still allowed to have a snack. And don’t even get me started about the 15 min. recess. SUCH B.S.. The online payments for lunches totally intimidates me, I’m still refusing to create an account despite getting a zillion emails trying to bully me in to doing it. Gotta fight the power somehow. 😛

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