Let’s Be Okayest Together! Facebook page launch!

My dear readers,

My first facebook page is up and running! “Okayest Moms” on Facebook will be a community – not just stuff about me. Please join by clicking on the facebook “like” box. I have almost 2500 followers on the blog, but the facebook page is launching TODAY! Instead of saying “join the discussion” (ugh), allow me to say:

-Post a picture of your Mom Confessional or Mom Problem to our album.

-Check out the link to my zazzle store, because I get royalties from your purchases. Yeah.

-Be sure to like ME because there are okayest imposters out there who are boring.

From http://www.facebook.com/okayestmoms:

“Okayest Mom wants to create a community where we can all be okayest together. Tired of the mommy wars and the competition? Me too. This page is for moms who want to confess their okayest moments, rant a little bit, quit pretending that our kids poop rainbows, and (oh yeah!) be fans of the Okayest Mom Blog. ”

Love you guys!





Please Consider Helping My Childhood Friend This Christmas

Dear Readers,

This post is a little different. I am asking for your help. Renee is my childhood friend. She has been through a terrible medical situation. As a Christmas gift to her and her family, I am trying to share their story to help her and her husband and children. Even though this link is to a donation page, I am simply asking you to please consider reading and sharing their story.

Renee’s Story- The Heart of the Family

Renee is an amazing person. She is so positive and happy, even in the face of such pain. She is a great inspiration to me when I am feeling down during a hard day with my three little ones. She always has an encouraging word ready for me! I can vouch that her story is real. If you can forward her story on your blog, webpage, or even your personal Facebook/Twitter/whatever, I would be very grateful.

I have never asked something of my readers before. Thank you for reading. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Love, Melissa