Voting, As Understood By a Six-Year-Old


R: We’re going to have a new president soon.

Me: That’s right.

R: Is it President Lincoln?

Me: No, he was president a long time ago and he died a long time ago.

R: Is it President Obama?

Me: Yes, President Obama is our president right now, but his turn is almost over and then we will need a new president.

R: President Obama will die.

Me: No, no, it’s just that his turn as president is over and someone else will take a turn.

R: And then he will die.

Me: No, no! He will just get another job.

R: He will be a worker?

Me: Um, yes.

R: And then President Lincoln will be the president?

Me: No! He died a long time ago. But he was a great president.

R: And Jesus was a great president too.

Me: Hey, who wants a snack?!



Not much has changed in the two years since “Voting, as Understood by a Four-Year-Old


Voting, as Understood by a Four-Year-Old


Where we goin’, Momma?
To vote.
What you say?
To vote. That means, um, that I am going to decide who gets to be our leader. Like our president.
What you say?
We’re going to a place so Momma can vote. So I can, um, decide who makes our rules.
Can I ride in it?
Can I ride in it?
Can you ride in what?
The vote.
Can I ride it? In the water?
What?! Ride the vote in water? What are you talking about?
Will it float? I ride it in the water?
Oh my gosh. Vote, not boat. Vote means that I can decide… Oh nevermind. Just come inside and get a sticker.