Toddler Twin Survival Tips

  1. No snaps.
  2. No buttons.
  3. No ties.
  4. Jammies that zip.
  5. Crocs.
  6. Generic Target diapers, in bulk, on sale, with a 5% off RedCard, with a $10 gift card (they offer this promotion about once a month, and I get it every time. It brings the cost of diapers down to less than 14 cents per size 5 diaper)

    diapers in bulk

    This many diapers lasts a little over a month. I’m not complaining- at least I don’t have three in diapers anymore!

  7. Crying it out and sleeping through the night (but only after nursing is finished)
  8. A large deck that serves as a playpen
  9. Bike trailers from Craigslist

    Mr. Okayest is more than okay.

    Mr. Okayest is more than okay.

  10. Fenced-in playgrounds only (YOU try deciding if you save the twin who is falling off the slide or the twin who is running into the parking lot!)

    I made this meal planner while I was nesting during pregnancy.

    I made this meal planner while I was nesting during pregnancy.

  11. Hardcore meal planning
  12. Waking up before the kids (I know, I know, it sucks. I had to catch up on sleep for about a year before I implemented this.)
  13. Movie room in the basement for the adults – best date night ever, because it requires no babysitters
  14. No shopping– all shopping is done after they go to bed or by my husband. You just can’t fit three kids in a cart. Not even in a Costco cart, unless you’re only buying one thing. But then why would you be going to Costco?
  15. Going only one place per day – I know my limits. And, with three kids to buckle and lift, I can choose the playground or the library, but not both.
  16. Strict bedtimes. If they don’t go to bed on time, I never see my husband.
  17. Strict mealtimes/ meal rules. If they don’t like what is served, they are pretty hungry. But that never happens.
  18. This mantra: “Leave the living room by 9:30AM”. They have to have a change of scenery – it doesn’t matter if it’s the playground, the deck, or the basement, BUT IT CAN’T BE THE LIVING ROOM! The living room is where the fighting and the boredom happen, no matter how many toys are in there.
  19. Setting up playdates in the church gym.
  20. Locking them in a neighborhood tennis court and letting them run free in a fenced area. twin fight
  21. NOT buying two of anything. They will fight over whatever their twin has in his grubby little hands, so a second identical item won’t matter. They had a knock-down fight over a couch pillow today.
  22. Not doing chores during nap. (My only choices are blogging, tv watching, napping, or reading.)
  23. Not worrying about vegetables.
  24. BABY GATES! You can read more about my 180-degree turn on childproofing.
  25. Ikea high chairs. They are $20 each and you can hose ‘em off or put them in the shower. Seriously.




Some people might think I am too structured. But, they probably didn’t have three kids in diapers simultaneously! They would change their minds if they did what I do all day.

This list is a semi-continuation of my Infant Twin Survival Tips list from a while back.


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