Don’t Go All the Way (Reusables for Your Nether Regions)

Cozy, I tell you. Cozy.

Cozy, I tell you. Cozy.

You don’t always have to go all the way, you know. Heehee.

When I started using cloth reusable menstrual pads, I had an “all or nothing” mentality. I thought I had to quit using disposable products completely, as if I were trying to quit caffeine cold turkey. I didn’t realize that I didn’t have to go ALL THE WAY right away.

Ease into it, ladies. If you’re unsure, take your time. Buy a sample. Test the waters.

You could get a couple of pads to practice with at home, when you’re relaxed and comfortable, and keep using whatever you’re used to when you leave the house.

Or, you could just wear the cloth pads at night for a while to see how you like them, and continue with the old familiar stuff during the day. (I LOVE wearing the cloth pads at night – it feels like fleece jammie pants on my hoo-ha!)

You could buy the Diva Cup and experiment with it when you’re at home. You can leave it in for twelve hours, so you might find you aren’t afraid to leave the house with it in anyway.

I have a feeling that you would love the changes, and you would eventually use the cloth pads more and more. You would find that they don’t stink like disposables. You would find that laundering them is not a big deal like you thought it would be. You would find that you love not going to the store for more each month. You would find that you love not wearing plastic on your nether regions. You would find that you feel … cozy down there. You might even find that some weird irritations you were having might go away.

I have a feeling you would eventually just switch over all the way… but you can go slow at first. You have my permission to not go all the way.


The views expressed here are my own and are not necessarily those of the Lunapads company. I am not a doctor and do not offer medical advice.

You can read more about my partnership with Lunapads  and my personal love of cloth menstrual pads.

I do not sell Lunapads, but I promote them. I am a Lunapads Ambassador and I receive a straight percentage of any sales I refer. If you would like to purchase Lunapads yourself, please use MY code 515013 (and, let’s be honest, to give me my kickback!). Enter 515013 in the “Ambassador Referral” box at checkout. (Don’t worry: you can still use other coupon codes in the “discount code” box, such as “AMBFIVE” for 5% off, in conjunction with my ambassador code.)


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